WMR928N - Managed to set correct barometer offset on WD at last

It’s taken nearly two months to be in a sufficiently stable high pressure zone so that the Metars from two nearby airfields agree. I have thought that my readings were low for some time :(and managed to balance with the Metar readings by increasing the offset in WD by a further 5mb. :smiley:
Got so excited that I forgot to cover my wide parting when I spent the usual onerous 4 hours cutting the lawns. Must keep away from the thermo/hygr - radiation from pink head would spike the graph :frowning:

Are you at the same altitude as the airports? If not you will need to take into account the difference between your altitudes when adjusting to their readings. Each 10m of extra altitude lowers the pressure by 1mb (at low altitudes at least).

no, thats not the case
as the readings are sea level readings :wink:
if you set your baro reading to be the same as those airport readings, taking into account any differences in actual air pressure from a isobar map, and also you need to set/check the baro at the same time as the metar report time, then you will be good to go

Thanks gents.
Did the calc (rho g h etc) for my altitude here and did this when both metars uploaded.
The isobar at the moment is coincidental to both airfields and this location. A rare event up here.