WMR918/968 Battery Meters

Brian is the WMR918/968 WeatherStation the same as my RadioShack wireless station ? All the battery status shows this :

Temp/Hum Sensor = 20% ( on bad side )
Anemometer = 20% ( on bad side )
Rain Gauge = 20% ( on bad side )
Console = 20% ( on bad side )

Now the console has an AC adapter show its fully charged ? SHould it read 100%? Also I got a brand new Temp/Hum. sensor with new battery so it should read higher than 20%? :roll: All these sensors i have are solar powered meaning the suns rays charges the transmitters. And theres lithium batteries in them.

why put this under bug reports?>
this is a new feature added, under requested features, with its own thread, that you wanted, and its still in beta mode…
i dont have one of these stations,and i need to gather the data back

i am not sure what the values are going to end up like, so have only taken a guess at what they will range too
and then it suddenly becomes a bug?

I’m running the WMR968, anything I can help out with gathering info as I’m running 9.25d on my test system.

i am getting there…me thinks
just get real tired and grumpy sometimes!

did you get that animation to workl?>

I also sent a link to my WMR-968 battery status under a different thread and I’ll use that thread instead of the Bug reports.
Well, I pretty darn close on the animated 3rd party. I believe I’m getting it to work ok on my test, but not 100% on my live system. There are two outputs being generated and one of them is correct, the animatedwebcam2.gif is of the original 3rd party and the animatedwebcam.gif is WD’s. I’ll get it figured out here but it appears to have lost the t’storm icon animation.
Tks for all your assistance on this one and I’ll keep you posted.