WMR300 not sending data to WD

Hi All,

Apologies if there has been a topic on this one already… I’m new to the scene so my search lingo might be failing.

I had my control box go flat (someone turned off wall point to power adapter).

Anyway after re-pairing and connecting it all back I now can’t get the data to be recognised by WD
The data connector application is pulling data off the unit, but somehow not sending it to the WD application.

See screenshot… any help would be awesome… somehow I get the feeling this WD300 is a bit of a Mickey Mouse kit… Testing it out for work requirements… might have to get the Davis VP2 6152

Make sure the date and time are ser correct on the weather station…i.e same as pc

Sorry for the delayed response!
Only just got to my parent’s place today.

Yup that worked!

Thanks heaps! :smiley: