WMR200 Stored Data Problem


I’ve looked around the forum, but I can’t exactly find the problem that I have. I recently got a WMR200, and got a UV sensor with it as well. I’m not exactly sure if its the unit thats not logging the data or Weather Display thats not receiving the data. When I was using the Basic version of WD, I reinstalled it a few times, and then the first time I connect it to the computer it works, but then anytime after that alot of data gets missed and only some data gets sent to the computer and gets graphed. I have also taken the batteries out of the unit, but it seems to have the same effect as reinstalling the program. This is what shows up in my Temp/Wind/Rain chart. That was updated just now as I’m posting this. Also I have looked through the log files, and whats on the graphs is whats in the log files. The other image is whats in the log files.

I have the WMR200 set to log data every 10 minutes, and the counter goes down as well as the days progress (pretty obvious :P).

I have time to play around with this right now, but when I move house I would like to have this issue solved since I would like to start collecting data as soon as I have the station set up at my new house.

Thanks, Cameron.

Do you by any chance allow your computer to hibernate while WD is running?

1 minute logging should give around 2 weeks logging capacity even with a UV sensor.
Do you expect to leave gaps of longer than that between runs of WD?

I never hibernate my computer at all, as it messes up some programs / games that i use. Also with the WD, I tend to not leave my computer on all the time, and the unit isn’t connected to the computer all the time, only when I need to put the data from the unit onto the computer. I’m not really sure if I need 1 minute logging, but i’ve set it at 2 minutes for the time being.

Good, because WD and hibernate don’t mix well either!

Is it safe to assume that you only have WD running when the unit (i.e. the WMR200) is actually attached too?

To an extent it’s a matter of whatever best suits you (my own inclination is to set the logging interval as short as possible given the potential time it might have to run between connections, so I’ve always used 1 minute logging on the WMR200), but one vague possibility (okay, so it’s an outright guess!) for a problem might be that bigger logging steps, maybe especially ones as big as 10 minutes, don’t always allow WD the clues it needs to invoke the change of day routines?
Maybe Brian (windy) might be able to comment on that?

Yeh, I’m usually only just turning my computer on when I’m taking the data off the WMR200 unit, so nothing else is running but WD. I’ll start collecting a bit of data from the next 5 days and see what happens with the 2 minute logging.

Sorry, on rereading what I wrote I can see how you thought I was asking that, but that’s not quite what I had in mind.
I meant, is the WMR200 always connected to the computer when WD is running?
That most likely is the case, but it seemed worth double checking.

Yes, whenever I have WD running, the WMR200 unit is connected to the computer. I always attach the unit to the computer before I start WD.

Good. Just ruling out possibilities.
I hope you find that 2 minute logging helps.
If not, 1 minute logging would probably be worth a try.

Ok, Thanks. I’ll come back in a few days and tell you if it works.

I started uploading the data today, and worked fine until it started uploading the 7th of March. The history extraction box closed and it went to the main view of WD. I looked at the unit, and it said 52 days of data logging left, so I plugged it back in and it continued to say that it was extracting the data. I looked at the logs then and it only recorded on what it had extracted up to the 7th of March. Everything after that was gone. When the history extraction box closed, could that have affected the rest of the data on the unit? It started logging properly again when I logged 10 minutes of data.

My inlaws use their WMR200 and WD the same way - generally only down loading once a week. They have had a couple of similar incidents so here are my suggestions (some/all may not be relevant):

  • keep an eye on the console during the week to make sure the console is receiving data from all the sensors
  • Don’t leave the unit connected to the computer unless to download data or record live information.
  • Make sure the date and time of the computer and console are kept the same, including timezones, etc.
  • Make sure you close & save WD before disconnecting the unit from the computer.
  • Try to download data every day. Downloading data more than a day old starts to take a long time and opens opportunities for problems to arise.
  • Keep an eye on the data coming in during the download to see if it is making sense and is not stopped for some odd windows reason.
  • MOST IMPORTANT If WD stops downloading data before getting the most recent information, close WD in the normal way and disconnect the console immediately. However do not reconnect the console and restart WD without changing the davis dowload date in the wdisplay.ini file back to a date and time when you last successfully down loaded data. If you do not do this WD will simply ignore any stored data dated before the most recent shutdown date and time.

He has a WMR200, not Davis.

Yes it’s a WMR200, but what FNQ says is fine stuff.

The [Davis download] section applies to more than just the Davis. It is used to hold a date and time for logger related operations in general. Its name is just a matter of history…

Ok, i’ll try to start uploading the data now every couple of days or so, to see if it makes a difference. Also reading the last one, that seems to be whats happening to me. It closes the window, and then I plug it in again and it just basically ignores the data thats left on the machine. What would I have to remove from the file? Or isn’t that for the WMR200.

The [Davis download] section of WDISPLAY.INI notes the last time for which WD collected data.

The data looks like this:

[Davis download]

If WD is set up for a weather station that has logging capability (any such weather station, not just a Davis), then when WD starts it checks the value in [Davis download] and it will ignore any data received from logger that has a date and time before that value.

As soon as WD goes to normal operation that time will become “now”, so if for any reason you have an incomplete collection then before you restart WD, modify the values in the [Davis download] section to be what you want WD to think of as the starting point for useful data.

Today I downloaded last weeks data and the download screen just dissapeared again. I went into the wdisplay.ini file and found that the download time thing was changed to the last piece of data on the unit. So I changed it back to the last time / date that was transferred and let it finish and boom, it works. Hopefully that was the only real problem that got in the way, although I’m still not sure why the history extraction window keeps closing randomly.

Also, would there be a way for it to set the download date point thing AFTER it has successfully downloaded all of the data off the unit?