WMR200 Rain Gauge - missing signal after reset

WMR 200 has been working fine with all sensors. Changed batteries on rain gauge (behind the irritating 8 screws), reset - and cannot regain connection with console.

No matter what I do: have been up to the roof a number of times (sited on flat roof), but no matter how many times I reset sensor or console, no luck. Distance between sensor & console is no more than 5 meters, through one brick all. It has been working fine for months - it’s only since the change of batteries and subsequent reset.

I have seen a similar thread from around a year ago (http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/37995), and the relevant user seems to have got it going again simply by moving around the sensor/console.

I now have the sensor and console in the same room, direct line of vision, 4 meters apart. But still no luck. Is there a simple way to see IF the sensor is actually transmitting? The console seems to be okay, as it displays readings from anemometer cluster on mast 5 meters up.

Any suggestions welcome … please.

Richards Bay, South Africa

I would check the new batteries, some time you get a bad one. Also check that they are making a good connection, and contacts are clean.

Thanks for the suggestion. Have done so, even checked with voltmeter … all good at around 1.8V from each AA battery. Is there a way I can check that there is power on the sensor, or that it is transmitting?

On page 7 of the manual it says to press ch and mem on base station. Icons will flash for 5 minute and search for sensor.

Yup, been doing that over and over, alternating with hard reset on console (with the reset button). Also removed batteries on console, put in new ones … very frustrating, since all one can do is press reset and hope for the best …

Maybe verify the batteries are installed correctly in the rain bucket, then hit the reset button on the rain gauge. I believe you then need to initiate another search from the console within 15 minutes to allow the console to sync up with the rain gauge.