WMR200 datalogger doesn't put lost data in WD

This morning I had a flatliner for an hour or 3.
Stopped WD and restarted my PC.
Started WD in admin mode → WMR200 loads missed data, but they do not appear in WD (still flatline).
Does this feature not work in Vista, or am I doing it the wrong way?
What is the right procedure for getting the missed data in WD?

Thanks for replying.

Not sure about the Vista question but one thing you can try that I do is reseat the USB cable in the computer. I know it’s an odd ball but there are times where I have to reset my USB cable and it works afterwards. It doesn’t happen to me all the time but once in a while when I get weird things going on I do this and it works afterwards.

As far as missing data, check your logs and see if it shows the data in there. If you did miss data - try this - go to Control Panel/Data Logger/ pick time/day choose set and restart WD and it will try to re-extract the data from the logger. If it pulls it you will most likely have to convert log file to data file (under view)…restart WD and everything should back to normal…

Although - I heard that the WMR200 only allows you to extract the data one time so if it already extracted it then it won’t do it again. Not sure why but thats what I heard and know.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Have you tried the WMR200 data logging problems FAQ?

No, I have’nt.
Thanks for the tip :thumbup:

I didn’t think the WMR200 had the same flatline problem as the WMR100…

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