wmr200 data logger problem

How do I keep my PC that runs on vista from going into sleep or hibernate automaticly when Im trying to download the data logger. It took a over 10 minutes per day to transfer the data and much of it was lost. Is there a way I can tell it when to down load? I had 19 days of data on thge logger and only some of it shows on the file. At the end of tye download it eliminated all the past data. How do I recover the data.I’m trying to do this with the basic version.

Go into the control panel in vista, and select power options. Change the time to put the computer to sleep to 60 minutes or so (I use never). If data is getting to the computer through a usb serial cable, you’ll also want to go into control panel/device manager and select the usb root hubs it shows. On the power options tab uncheck the option to let windows turn them off.

Is it always going to take so long to download the data logger? It took well over an hour to do 10 days

The data transfer speed of the link is slow. The speed is controlled by the console. So far as I’m there is no way for the receiving software (WD) to influence the speed, so you need to expect long download times.

PS. Have you seen point 3) on the WMR200 data logging problems FAQ? You’ll see from that that there are other reasons to want to avoid hibernation/sleep when running WD beyond the problem you are having.