WMR180 rain gauge - it's raining - but it isn't!


For the last two days my WMR180 system’s rain gauge has been recording circa 0.5" (12.6mm) of rain each day when there hasn’t been any (well it’s been damp perhaps, but no real rain to speak of)…

Just wondered if anyone else has suffered with this? AFAIK, the rain gauge is the same as that used by later versions of the WMR100 and WMR200 stations.

It worked fine when we previously did have rain so I’m not sure what’s happening. I’ll try re-setting it tomorrow.

In the mean-time I’m having to reset the daily values in WD to correct the error.


I had problems the other way round with my WMR180. it wouldn’t record rain when it was raining, but seems fine now, touch wood.

I occasionally get an odd rogue tip, which i put down to a bit of melting frost or perhaps a bird landing on it or a curious cat or something, but half an inch is several tips worth, I can’t imagine what’s causing that i’m afraid - does it happen all in one go at the same time each day?


It seems to have cleared itself, touch wood. It happened 3 days on the trot and on the 3rd day I was sitting at my desk (from where I can see the rain gauge) and there was nothing near it. I had suspected a cat or perhaps the local doves or wood pigeons but it wasn’t on that occasion. On the first 2 days the “rain” appeared at roughly the same time I believe but on the 3rd it was later in the day and came in instalments over a period. I suspect it’s some sort of interference and, as I know from my amateur radio hobby, that can sometimes be impossible to trace!

Still having issues with the console losing contact with sensors for no obvious reasons so I’ve decided the 180, or mine at least, is a duff model. I’ll persevere with it a bit longer but I’m rapidly losing interest!


I’ve had a few problems over the year or so that I’ve had my 180, and although it’s going fine at the moment I can’t help thinking it’s just a matter of time before something else goes wrong with it. The fact that it now appears to be a discontinued product according to the UK weather shop makes me think that either they or OS aren’t entirely happy with it either.

So I’m saving for a new station - probably the vantage vue and hope to be able to get that at the end of next month.

Unfortunately, according to 'er indoors, car tax, MOT and service, new bedroom bedroom furniture and carpet and a new fence round the front garden are all more important than a new weather station! So I’ll be waiting a bit longer than you by the look of it! Women eh? strange priorities…

When I do eventually get the capital expenditure forms signed off for my Vantage, I’ve told the WeatherShop I’ll be seeing if the 180 console will fit in a clay pigeon launcher and I’ll post the results on YouTube :lol: