WMR100 Temp spikes [RESOLVED]

This has been raised previously on here but we with no fix as far as i can see.

I use the Oregon WMR100 with the additional temp sensor so i can achieve the correct siting of the sensor (in a met screen at correct height) instead of with the wind sensor on the roof,as the sensors are combined.
The roof top temp sensor failed sometime ago showing crazy high readings,but as i was not using this for readings it did not cause me a problem.
However every now and again WD will use this sensor for the temperature data instead of the additional one and FTP it,but it does not show it on the max/min daily extremes screen but will log it in the monthly data.
I have set WD to use the additional sensor as temp/humidity sensor but every now and again i get this blip which can be clearly seen on my graphs…
Has anyone had a similar problem and fixed it? if not is there a way of totally isolating this sensor out of WD?


use a new .zip update of WD, ready now

Fixed it Brian by the looks of it,no spiking since uploaded 15 mins ago