WMR 968

Can anyone tell me what the serial lead pin connections are that are required to connect a WMR968 to a PC?

I’m pretty sure it’s just a standard (NOT null modem) 9-pin serial cable.


you also need DTR and RTS too…and the station needs to be on AC power and not batteries too

A standard 9-pin serial cable should already have DTR and RTS wired correctly.

Here’s a scheme i made for WMR 9x8 serial cable and repeater:

If you use UTP Category 5 cable … cable length can be maximum 12 meters.



Can’t access http://www.netsky.org/RepeaterScheme.jpg.

I want to use a CAT5-cable which already connects my attic and my living room and I need the pin lay-out for the cable.

TIA, cu,

Can access it now. Tnx.