WMR 968 temp only additional sensor

the additional USA wmr968 console finally arived.
but it does not pick up the temp only external sensor, even though it does refer to a temp/hum or temp sensor in the manual (the german wmr918 station and manual does not)
what am i doing wrong!
( i have 3 additional sensors, and they are on 3 different channels

You have to ‘press’ on the channel [CH] (to select it) where your outside temperature is located (middle section, second row down), then down on the bottom lower right, press and hold the UP arrow for two beeps, this will start that particular box to start cycling through all your extra sensors. Try that and see if that works. Mine cycles through the 3 extra sensors I have plus shows my outside temp/humidity.

The trick is to get the base unit to beep twice to start the cycling.

i even tried holding down the channel button until everything flashes like wehn it starts up, and it then cycles through them all
i even reset the temp only sensor
i have powered down the console
i have reset the console
i have put the sensor next to the console

Okie… Have you tried holding down the reset button on each of the sensors? You said you have separate ID’s for each unit, correct, so the base unit should recognize them after the units have been reset.
Also, do a reset on the base unit as well, then try the tricky cycle process.

Additionally bring each extra sensor close to the base to begin with, then, hopefully after they are recognized, then put them in their new positions.

One thing I’ve noiced now and then are the ---- temp/humidity at times indicating it found the sensor but couldn’t read the transmission. It usually clears on the next cycle process.

the sensor is a thc138
is that compatible?
(external probe)

the sensor is a thc138 is that compatible? (external probe)
I don't think so. See http://www2.oregonscientific.com/cablefree/thc138.html Remote Temperature Sensor w/waterproof probe [THC138]

Products that use this sensor :
BAR928 - Cable Free


As I recall the packaging had some blanket statement like “works with all OS Cable Free weather stations” otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it :oops:

thats life
i am getting a compatible one
no worries