WMR 928 NX Barometer

hi, i’m not sure if it is a WD bug, but our problem is, that we just got our new weatherstation OS WMR 928 NX.
it’s works well, appart from some errors, like the Barometer, shows 1017 on the station, but in WD 956 hPa.
why is this? the WD is set to wmr 968 n and the other data seems to be fine just the Barometer, gives wrong information.
any idea?

a other thing i have difficulties to set up, is the daily alldaywebcam image, it stays empty, as the video secency, it show allways the clowd picture. at my pc, have have no probes with it…hm.


For the WMR928 you need to enter a barometer offset of around 63mb. This is normal.

Thanks Chris!
i will ask him to do this tonight.

can i bug you once more!?

i have the WS weatherstation and have given all my data to the person who have now the OS 928 Nk station as i believed he could take my settings to go faster online again.
but it seems, some data have been taken(like rain history etc), but the ftp seetings have not been taken and he have to add them again by hand.
any idea, why not all settings been installed!?

best regards

I’m not sure about the data/settings transfer. It could be that settings are stored in two places…the Windows registry and also in one (or more) ini files.

Brian is probably a better person to answer this question.

the problem with the barometer is when i first supported the wmr918/68, i used the wrong reading in the data, and so a offset (starting value is 63 or so hpa, adjust that to suit)
re settings, did you export the registry settings in wd (action, back up regsitry entry), and then re enter that on the other pc (double click the file wdisplayftp.reg)?

Thanks both of you, he will try tonight, to setup it again.
hope it will work, as he have a some difficulty’s to see the end of the tunnel :smiley:

best regards

When I set up my 928N my barometer readings seemed at variance with the nearest METARS. Had to do some tweaking on both the console and WD offsets.
Someone else was recently having similar problems. See this thread:


first a little “Hello” from an “Absolut Beginner” in this field.

I am the Desperado trying to set up my new station with the settings from Vossen.

Thanks to you guys I could now set up the alldaywebcamimage and the barometer offset. I also could get the settings from Vossen thanks to wdisplayftp.reg. So far so good. Still got some more probs with my cam, will see in this

Anyhow, I have the impression I’m at the beginning of a long, long way and i have a guess that this is not my last post… :wink:

CU from sunny Mauritius

Flying Dodo

Welcome Flying Dodo.
Without the help from forum members I would still be grounded. Would help if you put your WS type and model in your profile so that forum members can help with some of your probs when they arise.
Cheers from a bleak and overcast Scotland

Welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure if it’s worth having a weather station in Mauritius. Like you, vossen is always saying it’s sunny (apart from at night!) :wink:

Did it, thx

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