Wireless options

I’m reaching the point of having some free time to re-install my weather station after moving house and as I mentioned previously I’m considering an upgrade to wireless. I’d need to use a much longer cable than I previously did to link up my WM918 kit, so wireless would help considerably.

I’ll probably stick to Oregon Scientific kit and have been looking at the WMR928 kit. I’ve seen reference to a DL918A wireless data logger for OS wirless stations which looks like it could be a nice unit to stick with the PC, leaving the WMR928 console to be put elsewhere in the house for reference.

However, the word on the street suggests that the DL918A isn’t available yet. So has anyone seen/got one?

If so…

  1. Will WD talk to it?
  2. TheDL918A unit seems to have US radio time sync built in and this wouldn’t work in the UK. Is this a problem (assuming OS probably won’t release a UK time sync version for the smaller market over here), i.e. can the time be set manually and if WD is getting data from the logger in real-time would the PC clock be used to time stamp the data anyway?