Windtempraintrend3d.gif questions

I have a few questions about windtempraintrend3d.gif.

Is there anyway we can change those horrible colours? They are realy missleading to the eyes. if anything the two blue’s should be the wind and the yellow and red should be the temps… or some other version of the colours.

The other question here is I have noticed that you’ve got it set to show the next three days of the last year which is kinda handy to have there… However the current year goes to zero… this is somewhat missleading to the eye too… it actually tool me a while to figure out that was what it is doing.

Either don’t have it at all (don’t like that option :P) or just make it stop at the current day and not show the like down to the zero like and have it hanging in mid air (would be the better option).

I have included an edited version so you can get the gist of what I am talking about…

Also note I changed the labels around… somewhat confusing too having the last year first and then this year… I grouped them together as ThisYear and LastYear in their respective catogories.



Brian? What do you think of my suggestion?