Hi all



Have still the same half of a windtempraintrend gif

take a look here:
and the above pict of course (see topic ahead)

it’s smaller yes but WD makes it without the lower part


Don’t feel like a pregnant cow! I have it too!!!

Yours is just a pretty as mine :slight_smile:

mine has always been ok, but is the latest vers ok ed?

hi all, Brian,

I don’t feel like any cow around here :stuck_out_tongue: but my pic isn’t quiet good yet
The gif file like I have it in WD/webfiles shows me the same as the picture on screen i.o.w: when I click on view / temp and wind trend I have exact that picture (yes that one I can scroll down for the lower part ) what’s in the gif file.

So it has to do with a ‘screenshot’ making by WD
Never changed res of monitor since and before V 9.45 (that had a good picture) :roll: :?:

all other pics are ok.

nice weather here yesterday - 3 today + 2
lots of sun / wind makes it a little chilly: - 6 wind 2-3 Bft east )
Tomorrow leaving for a holliday to the south of Germany/Austria for more snow and mountains (subarctic there)

this is how my graph looks, just the bottom a bit nipped. How did you get the other variables to graph ?


maybe Brian made on 1250 x 798 ?
I have a 17" monitor big enough
800 x 600
small lettertype
96 dpi

yours ?

17inch flat screen.

I have a 15 inch at work. I will give it a look sometime today.

you needed to have been using the program this time last yeat to have data from is time last year…
i will lift the graph a bit more so that it fits too 600 high


9.61e ok now
separate charts looking fine

thanks Brian

thats good to hear, and something that works straight off the bat too :slight_smile:


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