I have been attempting to configure the drop down boxes that WD will make. One of the selections is for “Temp/wind/rain trend” and calls for windtempraintrend.gif. This file is not producing and I can not find where to make it produce. Is it, by chance, the same thing as trends.gif which sounds like it contains similar information? I attached my example trends.gif below.



that file should get produced and uploaded with the daily averages/extreme updates
but if you are using the customise internet and file creation setup, you can set it to update and upload there

ps, i have tested the setting of the indoor/extra temperature range, and its ok here with the latest version (and I tested some different ranges too)

Ahh, ok that is it. I started working on this after 12:06, so it will be sent tommorow. Great, thanks! I sent you a PM about the scale problem to try to give more info, but you fixed it! That is great, thanks for that too. It will be very easy to detect trends in the water now…

just a little confused,…,…
the scale is now OK in the latest version? :wink: