Windspeed dial not auto adjusting [RESOLVED]

Currently we are having a slightly breezy day here in Wellington and the winds are frequently getting well above 50 kph.

The numbers on the screen are changing but the windspeed dial only goes up to 50 and the needles just go to there and stop.

When I look at the dial screen, its windspeed dial goes up to 100 but the needle is still still stopping at 50.

I have been into setup/universal setup/ Windspeed/Direction setup and the Windspeeds Dials Setting was at 0 for automatic.

I tried setting it to 200. That made no immediate difference but did set the dials to 200 after a restart of the program. When the scale was set to 200 the needles on both the dials screen and the main screen went past 50.

Setting it back to 0 (auto) brought back (after a restart) the problem of not going past 50.

I have left it at 200 for now.

WD 10.37R b02


have you tried setting to 100 instead of 200?

this particular problem must be if using kmh (I have not had this problem here if using knots)
I will do some testing/checking as time permits

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Yes, using kmh.

100kmh works just the same as 200kmh - if I change the value to 100 the meters do not change on their own (at least not within 5 minutes) but do change it I restart the program.

The restarting to make the change is OK - if that’s the way it is meant to work.

It just seems to be the auto adjust (setting the speed to 0) that doesn’t work.

It might eventually work because it used to have a max of 120, which I didn’t set manually, but it didn’t work within the 1/2 hour I was watching prior to reporting the problem.


I think I may have some additional info regarding this problem.

After having to re-setup WD the other day I noticed that the wind speed dials (main and dials screen) had both defaulted back to a 0 - 100 range and the speed setting in setup/universal setup/ Windspeed/Direction setup and the Windspeeds Dials Setting was back 0 for automatic. I just left it like that.

Since that re-setup I have restarted WD on a couple of occasions and each time it has come back up the same (0-100 range). Today I have shut down and restarted WD and it has come back up with the 0-50 range and auto adjust not working, as was the reported problem.

What is different about today, compared to the last few days when the winds have been light, is that today it is windy with gusts over 60kph and it is quite possible/likely that the wind was over 50 when I did the restart.

So, I am wondering if the problem occurs when you start up WD when the wind readings are above some value or other.

I am back to using 200kmh for now.


should be OK in a new .zip update, ready now

( I found the problem you noticed on start up, but I have also changed the way the max gauge setting is checked and set too)


Installed and set back to auto adjust. The wind is still up (gust of 87kph today) and it all looks OK.