winds speed reading

please help i am using la crosse 3600 and fetch on wdisplay my 3600 is showing a wind speed 5mph lower that it should how can i put the reading right on wdisplay

Couple of thoughts, one, it could be using gust speed over a 1, 2, 5 or 10 minute period. I am not familiar with your station type, but you should be able to find something in the documentation. Also check you don’t have an offset in WD for wind in your setup.

add: After re-reading this…silly me…you say the reading is low on your 3600 console? How do you know your station is reading low?

a freind of mine had a hand held machine

Why do you assume the handheld is correct, and the 3600 incorrect?

have just checked console reading on console wind gust reads 19.0 mph at 11.38 am wdisplay reads 12.5 mph at 10.57 am

Also was the handheld the same height as your wind thingy…?

yes with great difficulty

should this not be in the WD questions instead of WDL questions?

when using the fetch3600,only the average windspeed is availble (and not the gust speed (which is only recorded to the 3600 stations history database and not live memory location)

this has been a frequently asked question

Is fetch3600 the only way to get data from this station? Could bonko use some other method to get the data from the console that doesn’t have the same limitation on the windspeed readings…

by running heavy weather and then setting WD to use the history.dat file that heavy weather updates (and untick to use fetch3600)

i re insalled heavy weather the consol and w-display now are the same thanks,