Windrose and Leuven

Not sure if this is the right forum but as it relates to the gauges here goes. I had this idea to incorporate a windrose within my gauges on my leuven template but am uncertain how to do that. I have it working on the Saratoga template and it has been suggested to me to create an iframe to upload the gauges. This is not something i have tried and at moment I cannot get a standalone page of gauges to work from latest download. Any suggestions or guidance welcomed. If I was not recovering from hip surgery I probably wouldn’t get these ideas. and

Those look graeat!:

Questen is, do I ned to know so much about scripts to paste inn a code for the gauge in wsGauges.js in the Leuven template?

The windrose is not possible inside the Leuven_Template.
Needs different javascript as it seems to be no a steelseries gauge.

The color and so on can be changed within the javascripts. Has been done often by others,


Correct, the wind rose is a mash-up of some SteelSeries code and layering the RGraph plot into it. The code for it is now embedded in gauges.js

Yes, I have tried several backgrounds and frames in the steel series, , and at least a few of them can be changed.

I got the wind rose showing in the Leuven template.

I call it as a new page I made with the steelseries template in an iframe.


The gauges within an iframe is what I think I would like to try but have now idea how they work. Have you any links to accomplishing this?

I downloaded latest steelseries and set it up in a separate folder. Get it so it works by itself. Then I created a new page in /weather2/inc. I used the template wsNewPage.php. Using the iframe section of the template insert the page that is working. You’ll also have to change wsMenuData.xml to include the new page.