Windows XP & WD Ver. 9.54 - Access Violation Error

Loaded Version 9.54, ran for approx half hour, then windows reported an Access Violation Error from WD. Will downgrade to 9.53c.

See following:

I had this problem with an earlier version but a proper reinstall did the trick.


I’ll try reinstalling and see what happens.

i forgot to turn back on global error trapping
it is not fatal, yes?,and would have been loggged under view, program error log otherwise…
does it occur at a certain time?

Hummm… I think it was fatal. I had to shut it down because it kept generating those “Access Violation” errors, and when it did, XP wanted to send an error message of to that black hole at MS (as if they ever use that information). Also, had to reboot because everything slowed down (probably a result of the error).

I’ve since gone back to 9.53c, but I’ll re-run 9.54 and see what happens.

Reloaded 9.54 and it has been running with no problems for 5 hours now. Must have been that it didn’t completely install the first time around.