Windows XP Pro Remote Access

I’ve tried to set up my PC at home so I can remote into in from the office.

I can see the PC from the office, at least I get a login prompt but then after typing in the username and password I get the following error:

Error connecting to existing session for (id0). The requested operation could not be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect, disconnect, reset or delete operation.

I tried creating a user account just for remote access but that did not help. The system at home is logged on all the time so WD and other associated weather software runs.

Any ideas?

I know this isn’t a weather related question, but the help on this forum is so good. :smiley:

Tim, can’t help you with XP as I haven’t tried it but if you get stuck you could try LogMeIn. It’s free and works very well.


Another vote for LogMeIn - works like a charm for me, and easy to use.

I’ve used Ultra VNC for a couple of years now.
Works great, and is free. Takes up tiny amount of resources.

Just d/l and implemented LogMeIn…it’s just too cool. I was wondering how I was going to manage WD while on vacation this year. Now I know! Great program.

I was hoping to find something that didn’t requires something running, but I guess RDP requires services to be running, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

I’ve have tried LogMeIn. I was looking for something that didn’t require a third party also.

Yay! It works! :smiley:

For those interested…

Follow the instructions in this article:

Reboot. This is critical and the step I neglected. After rebooting I could remote in but I kicked the local user off, shutting down WD, GRLevel3, etc. Oops. This is because Windows XP Pro only allows one concurrent user but follow this article to get around that:

I also set up a special user account for remoting in because it appears that one user can’t have two concurrent sessions.

GRLevel3 won’t work with RDP.

You need to use something like VNC to do that.

Hi Tim and others.

Wow great feature in Windows XP Pro - anyone know of simular programs for Win XP Home edition?

I have tried Real VNC - but my company firewall wont allow me to acces my home PC from work.

Try Tight VNC, it can be setup as a web browser to use a Java applet to access your home PC from a web browser, this might well work through your company firewall.


Hi Stuart

Thanks for your reply - i will test it tomorrow from my work.

Best regards,


I have been using tight VNC with the java applet for remote access of my server for the last six months works great on my Linux system just as quick as using a vnc client.


Ok - now I have installed Tight VNC and have TightVNC server running.

I have enabled “built-in HTTP server”

I cant figure out how to get connected from a browser. I have setup portforwarding to port 5800 and 5900 in my router.

I use that set up and it works well. Do you have a firewall on the PC that’s blocking you? You are testing from outside your own network - right? Normally you can’t loop back though the router to your own external IP, try the internal IP of that machine:5800.

Use but change the IP to whatever is appropriate for you.


Hi Stuat

Thanks - but it wont work. Just sent you PM

If you have firewall software on the server machine, you need to open ports 5800 and 5900.

Hi looney2ns and thanks for your reply.

I dont have firewall on my WX pc.

I have tried to connect from my other PC on the network - but it wont work. I try tomorrow from work - lets see what happens.

Best regards,


I switched to LogMeIn. So much easier to set up…

Hi Tim

Can you access from a ordinary browser with LogMeIn?