Windows has recovered from a serious error.

Does anyone know why my XP dedicated weather computer restarts itself, on almost a daily basis, usually through the night? The machine is not used for anything at all except uploading data to the web from the console.

It’s the only one of my computers that is running 24/7 so I don’t know if it is peculiar to this machine alone.



John - check in System - Event reports under Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer -System and Application as well and look for the red alerts.

Also could check WD - View - Program event log for some clues.



Hi Graeme,

The WD Event log is empty, but I checked the System and Application log on XP and it seems that Diskeeper (automatic defragmenter) kicked in at 03:17:09 and the machine restarted 8 seconds later.

I have removed the defragmenting program because if it ever needs it I can use the Windows one. Maybe this is what was causing it!

I have also stopped ESET Nod32 from checking the wdisplay folder and stopped the indexing service on the local drive. I read somewhere that they could cause a restart.

Fingers crossed!



Ah - good moves, yes limiting the access to the working folders is a good move for AV programs. Quite hard to find in some of them. I have done the saem for mine too :slight_smile: Here’s hoping!

wow, something i might be able to help with :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you take a backup of your PC (if you haven’t already :))
Once that’s done I’d suggest you try running CHKDSK - if DisKeeper is actually the cause of that failure, it might actually be the victim of some fault on your hard drive. It’s always preferable to latch onto and repair those kinds of errors before they get bigger!

(And remember, if it’s a 24x7 PC that’s harder on hard drives, so don’t be too surprised if you come home one day and find it not working at all due to a failed HDD - certainly something to keep in mind)

I’d be interested to know for a PC just running WD what the minimum services required are?