Wind Values Spike and old data restore

I just started having massive wind spike issues with my system. I had this in the past when I was wireless but since I went wired over a year ago I have not had this issue. Any thoughts? Using a LaCrosse WS2310. Also, how can I restore my old records from a time before these spikes. I’ve disconneted my wind connections until I can this sorted out. But want to revert back to my reaslistc wind record values (NOT 100MPH).

have you rewired your 2310 station with CAT5 cable?

re getting old records
first, reset the wrong all time record

then as long as your logfiles are correct, and you have edit out the spikes there
then use, action, convert wd logfiles to data files
convert all (recent update of WD)
and then WD will check all your logfiles and will then find the past all time records

also you can set a windspeed limit, under control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup, limits…
(in a recent update of WD (you dont mention which version of WD you are using))

I used a basic cable that connects to the RJ11 phone jacks. Don’t think it was cat 5 but rather a shielded (maybe twisted pair) cable. I will have to go check the cable for markings (if any to be sure).

I was hoping there was a way I could just pull in an old file vs having to edit out the spikes. I did not catch his for a day and there are lots of times with erroneous data. Unless I am misunderstanding what file you mean.

using WD 10.37n
WDL 6.03

edit out the spikes from the logfile then do as above
or if you have a back up wdisplay.ini file, you can use the all time records stored in that (copy/paste that section from that)
or if you have the av/ext web pages enabled, you can go back and look at those and see the all time records that were there before
or use view, av/ext, and say use the ability to view last year data, and see what the max windspeed was from the data , for last year, and do the same for other years, etc

Thanks. will give it a go.
One more ?. I have read about 1 wire gauges. Is that a more reliable option than using the ws2310 anemometer with cable?

yes, or use the vortex too

an you or someone point me to a link for the 1 wire? tried hobby boards and the link is no good. Are these both wind speed and direction?

which link is no good to hobbyboards?
yes ,for 1 wire, its windspeed and direction
the vortex is just windspeed
the vortex is easier to setup too

did a few searchs on he site and found nothing. Did find a link for wind instrument
buy it has nohting

AFAIK the 1 wire anemometer/windvane instrument is discontinued.

Any other suggestions/sources for 1 wire wind speed/direction units?

Here’s one you might try - though it seems a bit expensive to me.

Thanks Jim. Looks like a possible option. My dream is to find one under or near $100 else the have to deal with my wife. (I already feed an ice hockey habit too).