Wind/temp/rain Web graph

There seems to be a problem with my wind/temp/rain graph on my web site.

  1. the graph is cut off.
  2. the solar readings are not showing.

The graph looks fine and contains the solar reading in WD.
Anyone else having this?
Do I have a setting wrong?


if you have XP and you are using the XP thick window bar style, that might cause that
or if have large fonts in use, it might cause that
a while ago I set the 3D graph as a separate image to get around this problem

so if you use the latest vers of WD it will be OK
i.e see mine:


Any way to get the Temp/windspeed this month/ this month last year to plot in

but it does

No the labels on the right side of the bottom graph are in C.

grab a new 9.79 …should be ok for the 3D graph