Wind speed bug

hi all
Is it only me or are there other users of WD that has this BUG? Since I opgraded from version 9.61 E - I`ve got winspeed avarage of 25 M/S.

When I start the WD or when my WS-2300 are getting no reading from anenometer - then it goes up til 25 M/S.

And also the metertack is coming up - all the time!

Any surgestions? Please help…

carl :frowning:

Are you saying you see a windspike up to 25. Upload a screenshot or provide a link to your webpage will help. If it is the windspike problem, Brian has been notified of that already and I assume he is busy working on it and others problems.


my HP is


GEEZ! You got windspikes alright! I assume the weather station is not seeing anything like what WeatherDisplay is showing as far as wind goes right? And do you have any type of motors or equipment running that could cause noise to be introduced in the data path, from the station to the PC?

Now running WD 9.59b and only got 3 windspikes on till now
and my WS-2300 don’t get them


the metar bug i have fixed in 9.62d

the 25 m/s i have actualy tried to ignore when there is a loss of signal

but it looks like i have taken a step backwards

i will look again

(i was at a farm safety course all day topday, and the kids had a “tenting/camping” day at school

try a new vers 9.62d now :slight_smile:

now the wind graph is o.k. (9.62d)
but not the extreme conditons are not ok


reset them, under action, reset daily…reset all time…

hi agen

i update to 9.62d at 7:30 i still get windspikes

then 17:45 update to 9.62e and reset them all.

and still get them :frowning:


ok, maybe the no signal number is actualy 256 and not 255 like i thought it would be
i will try that…

please try a new 9.26e now…
boy, you sure do gets lots of loss of signal errors…



i run on 9.62e now


a new 9.26e


what do you mean?

is that a new WD 9.26e

where do i find it?
i can’t see it on downloads.


i mean to download 9.26e again

hi i mean to download 9.26e again
Hi Brian,

Where would one find 9.26e to download?
Would that be 9.62e perhaps? :smiley:

been a long 3 days with kids activities…
yes, 9.62e
sorry about that

from 23:00 i run 9.58c and i don’t get the windspike :smiley:

so the bug is in/from 9.58d


As i recall I once had spikes a year ago. What I found that they occurred after I had the station off line and the data logger read the back in. So what I did was set the archive to 1 minutes and the spikes went away. Does the spikes come up after the data is reloaded by the program or do they just happen.

IF they happen after you restart the program, try to test my theory, set the program not to reload data, of course you will have a gap, but for testing… see if the spikes happen after you disable this . I am curious.