Wind Run WAAAAAYYY off

Wind run is being reported as 323.5 miles for month to date, but daily wind run only adds up to 134.7. ?

i see that too
the wind run for ach day under view, averages/extreme looks more in line with the wind run for today number (in the energy hours), so its the wind run to date from the energy hours that is off…i will review how i calculate that
gary, what have I done wrong!

The daily wind run calculation seems correct - it matches nearly exactly the total that WeatherLink produces, but the monthly/yearly wind run within WeatherDisplay is accumulating at a much faster rate. I remember you posting some while back that you were using two different methods and weren’t sure which was right. Having had everything restart at the beginning of the year made it easier to spot - the daily calculation is right, the monthly/year isn’t.

Forgive me for not knowing the programming magic that’s producing any of these, but if you can have the monthly/yearly calculation use the same approach as you’re using for the daily, I think you’ll have it perfect!

i will do that
becuase i had added it half way through last year, i was using the existing wind energy hours…but that is not good

fixing now!

new vers ready where you can set the monthly/yearly wind run, under the wind energy, now

Yippie!!! Now how 'bout those lables :slight_smile: