Wind Run Units

I have everything that I can find set to km in the php’s. Yet on my webpage the windrun insists on staying in miles.

Is there a setting somewhere I am missing? Perhaps someone would tell me what it is I have missed.

I have searched the forums and I am not finding a fix.

Your testtags.php?sce=view shows

$windruntodatethismonth = '1629.03 km';
$windruntodatethisyear = '1629.03 km';
$windruntoday = '112.77';

so WD is reporting it in km.

Your wxtrends.php page is showing

Today 114.57 km
Month 1630.83 km
Year 1630.83 km

I didn’t see where else windrun is reported? Which page is showing the problem?

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Ah… my bad (eyes)… what you’re referring to is

Wind Run: 117.75 miles
in the alternative dashboard.

That is created by

                <td class="data2" nowrap="nowrap"><?php langtrans('Wind Run'); ?>: </td>
                <td class="data2" nowrap="nowrap" style="text-align: right;">
				  <?php echo $windruntoday . " " . $uomDistance; ?>

and $uomDistance comes from

$uomDistance = ' miles';

in ajax-dashboard6.php

Change that to

$uomDistance = ' km';

and your display should reflect ‘km’ instead of ‘miles’.

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Well done Ken - you spent some time sorting through that and diagnosing the data… And providing the solution - efficient as always! :slight_smile:

Thank you Ken…that fixed it.