Wind Run now REALLY WAAAYYYYY off!

I set the month and year wind run, which at the time was 305.5 miles. Converting it to Knots I took
305.5 x .8684 = 265.2962

When I started typing this the wind run was showing 807.2 miles, as of this point it’s now showing 1272.1 miles.

I’m not the worlds fastest typer, but I ain’t THAT slow!

cool, 1369.2 miles now… lol

oops, make that 1563.6 miles…

Yep, mine has gone insane also. If i was the wind, i’d be all the way to the moon and back now!

We still love ya Brian!

Hey! how do i get the 3-d graphs on the webpage by the way??? :lol:

I figured out what it’s doing by watching it for a while…the numbers were changing like this

today month/year
106.3 16654.9
106.4 16761.3
106.5 16867.8
106.6 16974.4
106.7 17081.1

See it? every time the day wind run increases by .1, it adds the WHOLE value to the month/year to date total, 16654.9 + 106.4 = 16761.3 etc.

My month and year windrun totals are way off. Using 9.43c ver. Daily wind run is 115.6 miles. The month and year total are 70195.1 miles. Because I had a frozen anemometer this difference is just in one day.


you are right jeep
silly me!
i needed to have added the difference

fixing now

grabbed the new version, will see how it goes. Actually, I’m gonna miss the bug in a way…somehow it was kinda cool having a wind run of 300,000 + miles…in only 9 days… lol

It’s WORKING! I’m only showing 557.6 miles now.

Not for me, unless i’m missing a reset somewhere. I got about 2 billion miles of wind now.

If you haven’t already, click “view” then “wind/energy hours”. You’ll find a button there to set (or reset, I don’t remember the wording exactly) monthly/yearly wind run. That should do it!

if you go to view, averages/extreme, and scroll across on the rht nad window, you will see the daily wind run
add all those together, and hen add the daily so far on the wind energy , to get your current month to date and year to date (convert to knots and or use units temporarly)