Wind, Rain, Temp trends not working

It appears that wind rain temp trends stopped working around 8 Mar for the current month. I just checked my records and 9.63 was downloaded and installed on 7 Mar, and 9.64 on 10 Mar so the problem has been around but not notced for a while now.

It is most noticable in the 3d chart where the past year graphs are right up to date, but the current month data flatlines about 8 Mar. For what it is worth that is about the date of our last snow storm so an entry for snow shows up for this month, and from then on all current data is flat at 0.

I am reluctant to bring it up again to check the dates because once on the screen the only way to get rid of it is to use the Task Manager.

Currently I am running 9.65b and the problem is still with me, as of 15 min ago anyway.


Using 9.65b here mine looks fine…

Current weather available at any of following

But basically a fine day if you think warm is good (50+ deg F ). Already too hot for my tastes. As I told my sister today, 40 is warm enough for me until May or June then it can go as high as 70 in Jul and Aug for a day or two -) Unfortunately the weather gods never seem to see it my way. Even Alaska got too warm for my tastes.

Just tried the latest release of 9.65b and problem is still with me. Last year’s data plotted just fine, but nothing in bars or 3d chart for current data past 8 Mar. Guess it’s time to go ini file spelunking!


i would say there are some values wd does not like
i bet if you go to view, program error log, it will show a floating point error or similar
zip and email me your month32003.inf file