Wind Energy

According to the image, the wind run started 7-2-2002. This is incorrect because all the totals reset at 12:01 January 1st, 2003. Also, the totals until then were much higher than now. Does all that yearly data get stored somewhere? Or is it all bye-bye?

PS, isn’t there or shoudn’t there be lable on the vertical graphs? There is no way to tell what they mean.

i need to fix that start date
thats basicly the date the program was first run!
labels, ok, soon…

Thanks Brian!

The moon problem we were emailing about is still hanging in there. Today it shows 27days 17hours blah blah and 4%. That is on the sunmoonimage.jpg on the web. On the summary.gif, it somehow corrected itself. My lat & lon are entered correctly and the sun rise/set is OK. Just letting you know whats next after the web/phone talking thingie you are working on :slight_smile: