Wind direction plot SWNES rather than NESWN, dots instead of lines

I am not sure whether this is a question or a request for features - WD sometimes has more features than I have discovered.

Since my location is dominated by NW to NE wind direction most of the time it would be better for me to have North in the middle of the graph rather than South. Also it would be better to plot dots rather than lines as wind can be fickle in its swings - better a dot rather than a line drawn to the unusual swing of the vane.

I believe you can accomplish all of that by going to Control Panel-Graph Setup then the Windspeed/Dir Setup tab.

Good luck. - Jim

Yes, indeed, I just found it. All my hearts desires. Great minds… are way ahead of me. Very nice Brian.

Ok I switched from NESWN to SWNES and the dots are tracking correctly but the degrees on the left axis still have 180 in the middle instead of 0/360. I entered into the bug forum with no response. Can some else make the change just to confirm the bug?

I can confirm that mine does the same thing. I assume you want it to show…180-0-180…for the heading? I’ve never paid any attention to those numbers, I rely on the N-S-N to determine direction when I look at the graph.

Thanks. I’ll ust tell the club to read the right axis.