Wind direction average plot

Due to the location of my sensors, the wind seems to wip around from different directions. This of course causes havoc in the wind directional plot.

Is it possible to include an average plot that would remove all these spikes that occur at present, so a better visual interpretation can be shown.

well, it is a plot of the average direction (1 minute average) already…
for the last 12 hours…
sorry andy…

hey, i will get back to the data logger soon, still catchign up

Oh well, never mind. I shall put some treacle on the pointer to gunge it up to stop it spinning around like a top! :smiley: Seriously, I could try to relocate the anemometer to a different location, but where is the question!!

Second idea. As the plot is already and average of 1 minute intervals, is there another way that a secondary average plot can be initiated to take an average the collated data it has recorded over, say, a 3, 6 or 12 hour period. :drinking:

i will have a think about it andy
your station type only gets wind direction/speed data every 10 seconds , and so thats only 6 readings to average in the 1 minute period,…so thats one of the problems

a average of then minute worth migth be an option i could put in

Hi Brian

Newbie here - very impressed with your software.

The location of my anemometer results in a fair bit of turbulence - but it’s the only realistic mounting position.

Did you progress the idea of further smoothing the wind direction plot using, say, the ten minute average rather than one minute average?

Thanks for your help …


there is an option in the graph setup to plot 10 minute average wind direction

Hi Brian

I have tried that setting, but it appears to only have an effect on the main plot. The radar screen ‘wind direction plot over time’ graph appears not to be any different … This is the one that I would like to see ‘smoothed’.


ah,ok, now i know which one you mean
i will look into that

Thanks Brian …

i have added a 10 minute av dir option to the menu items when you view the wind direction plot in this .zip update:

Thanks Brian.

I’ve just installed it - I’ll let you know how it goes.



That seems to do the job. Much improved.

Thanks Brian …