Wind chill reading wrong

Hi there ! :slight_smile:

My windchill readings is +24.7 degrees Celsius, but normal temperatur is +18.8 Celsius.

This misreading is in the summary.gif and on the tabel at my website.

Anybody else whom has notice that ?

Best regards Knut/LA9QFA

Hi ! :slight_smile:

It’s look like the winchill temp is mixed up with the heat index.
This two numbers is showing the same value all time !

I’am using version 9.81


yes, i made some changes there (improved overall)
please use verison 9.81d

Hi Brian! :slight_smile:

Sorry, no change with the latest version 9.81e.
Windchill is still incorrect!


(note, I did upload a new 9.81e, so please try a new download)

Hi Brian! :slight_smile:

The windchill display in the summary.gif!

Normal temp says 18.3 Ceslius
Windchill says 25.3 Celsius

How can windchill temp be higher than the normal temp when the wind blows.

I am using the latest update, do I misunderstand something?


it should say heat index you see…
i thought i had that working…
i will have to force some numbers into a test program (as its winter here)

ah ha
i had it working fo oF only
uploading a fix for oC now
(normally its the other way around, LOL)

Hi Brian! :?

Now I am really confused!

I just check my website and now the windchill display is correct.
I must admit I have losed my controll on what’s is happenening now.

Tomorrow is another day, I’l take a new check at daytime then.


a new 9.81e is ready now
what happens is the windchill should (and will now) change to heat index once aobe 17oC for the current temperature

Hi Brian! :smiley:

Fine, you make it this time.
Looks ok now at the web.

Many thanks for good support Brian!