Wind but no wind


I looked on my webpage tonight and twisted my face this sorta way :roll:

The was a report of a wind gust of 21 MPH at 7:16PM
The max gust recorded at 7:16PM was 0MPH
The daily high gust was 21MPH at 7:16PM
The gust last hour was 0MPH at 7:16PM
The realtime graph shows no gust or wind at all.
The main screen graph shows a 21MPH gust.
The autoscalewindbarom.gif also shows it.
The W-918 doesn’t.
I was outside cooking steaks @ 7:16 and there was no gust.
The dog did bark though…
…but the steaks were gooooooood!

BRIAN: Keep this man from your herd!!!

I have to make a note when the dogs start barking and see if they create wind too.
But they never bark when I’m barbequeing. They’re way too interested in the chance that something might fall off the grill!

i’m going to be washing my truck today so take note of the windspeed
:wink: :lol: