WinCam®? Webcam

Has any one had any experience with a WinCam

Can’t say that I’ve tried this one, thanks for the link too.

If you’re going to spend that much, you might want to also consider the AXIS 2100 (about $74 more) or AXIS 2130( quite a few $$$ extra). Both of these are Network Cameras. I also made one of them wireless using D-Link’s DWL801+ and the DI-764 wireless router (connects into my existing wired LAN).

I’m currently testing out for a client both of these units. They don’t need a computer as they have their own built-in web server. In addition a special browser comes with where you can have it record at specified times, e.g. 1 min, 10 min, 1 hr plus the number of frames per second, max of 10 frames/sec. Additionally there is coding to make it real-time to the web. The 2100 is good for night vision as well. The 2130 is also remotely controled for pan, tilt & zoom PTZ. Both units can FTP into you web server.

Also look at The cameras aren’t quite available yet, but they’re not far off now if the web site is to be believed.

Very cheap too considering it appears to be pan/tilt and Wifi. Mind you, I’m sure that after all the usual UK import duties/taxes/rip-offs have been applied it will be a very expensive camera here :frowning:

Thanks for that update!. I’ve pre-ordered one unit as its $299 US$ cost is far better than the price for the Axis 2310 (which it is comparable with the PTZ). Like the wireless feature too. I guess is we wait long enough there’s always something better.

Thank you for your help. These are good links.
Some of my considerations are:
I want an outdoor view.
The nearest window to my computer with a

Hi Guys,

I got the Stardot-Tech NetCam with the Mega Pixel lens (up to 968x1280) and zoom capability (no pan). Wasn’t WiFi, but is Ethernet ready, so I bought the D-Link Wireless Bridge (model #DWL-810+) and that talks to my wireless LAN (802.11b). The NetCam has embedded Linux OS and runs its own FTP server.

I did check into Axis 2420, but thought the NetCam’s autocontrast capability for natural light conditions was the way to go.
Stardot-Tech Site:
Note: Stardot has good signal to noise down to 2 lux (twilight conditions), Axis is good to 1 lux, and 0.5 lux for its IR webcam. If night surveillance is needed, go with Axis. Axis also has the full pan-tilt-zoom webcam.

Here’s my WebCam: Play with the zoom if you want!

I also asked Nick Stefano,, what webcams he uses for his site. Nick uses both Axis and Star-dot, but recommended Star-dot. Nick is a SERIOUS webcam and weather guy!


Well, the VEO came… and went.

There are still a lot of bugs in this camera plus the pixel rate wasn’t good enough… atleast for me especially on zoom. I’ve returned the unit back to VEO for one main reason-poor craftsmenship. I used it on my LAN and its remote control was extremely jerky, noisy, slow response and it even failed (sounded like the gears went into self-destruct with the grinding, clunk-clunk noise)

It finally came down to the point where I couldn’t get into the server, thereby it became useless. The mechanics remind me of a ‘jerky’ robot out of tinker-toys…

I still prefer the Axis 2310 & 2100 as they have been very reliable. Will also check into Stardot-Tech’s unit for comparison.

Thks for sharing the Stardot info…

I’ve used the standard Stardot Netcam quite a bit for work. I set up one up to monitor a remote site and upload data via Iridium modem. The system is solar/wind powered and has a Columbia Weather Systems weather station plugged into the serial port of the camera. It’s similar to the same setup that NOAA has for their Live North Pole Web Cam (which Stardot and others helped develop):

My only complain is that setting the focus is a real SLOW iterative process.
2-5 beers at least…


I now have Stardot Netcam up and running on my site. Have a look at the current Fairbanks, Alaska weather!

lol, just tried to look at your web cam, but its night time there

guys, were can i get a wireless solar powered web cam???
(for my Dad)


One of my co-workers set up a wireless NetCam for our local Ice Art competition. See:
It’s the same NetCam I have and uses 802.11 WiFi. Works great.

Solar powering a NetCam is easy since it is a 9-11 volt DC device. And the 802.11 wireless stuff is low volt DC as well.

Or you could just get the DLink wireless camera which takes 5 volts DC at 2.5 amps. See:
I don’t know anything about it’s picture quality.

Lots of options, I think.

You Southern Hemisphere guys have all our light! And we’re forecast to have temperatures down to -50 F by Monday. So you got our heat too!

...And we're forecast to have temperatures down to -50 F by Monday....
But it is beautifu. Right? :wink:
But it is beautifu. Right? :wink:

Well…yes, if you can pry your frozen eyelids open to see it in winter and swat enough mosquitos and black flies to see it in summer.

It’s just an awful place to live…:wink: