Win95/NT4.0 Update?

When will the Windows 95/NT4.0 file be updated? I wish to use WD on a Windows NT4.0 machine with a Heathkit ID5001 (also running APRS). I need the database function to populate an MSSQL database.

Also, is there anyway to pull a “yesterday’s high/low/total” record from WD? If not, I can do this using a stored procedure in SQL, but I would be interested if any such file is created.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
[email protected]

Now that’s a tough question for ANYONE in the software biz. With limited resources, how long do you continue updating OS specific versions of your software after MS has terminated all support for those OS’s?

Windows NT is still supported by Microsoft. My understanding is the difference between the two versions of WD is the exclusion of the webcam and USB support from the 95/NT version.

If Windows NT is not going to continue to be supported, then I will not use WD and go back to my previous method for weather reporting (which takes less CPU, memory, etc. but doesn’t have as nice of a display or extended web support).

Pete Loveall AE5PL

Brian usually tries to support everything so it may not be a big deal for WD but I ran into this recently with a vendor. Per MS NT WS 4.0 entered the “non-supported” phase 6/30/2003, and its End of Life = effective date after end of online self-help support is 6/30/2004.

You are correct about NT Workstation. However, I am using NT 4.0 Server which is covered by extended support through December 2004 and online support well beyond that time.

Pete Loveall AE5PL

Ah, that sounds better, I wondered about server. What was funny about the vendor situation is that we were running their NT version without problems under 2K, but they really wanted to sell us new software.

its been a moving target to update the win95/nt version…
i keep thinking, right, got this bug fixed, i will update it now…

but I will do it today
keep an eye out for it

i have update the win95/NT version too 9.91a now