Wiki Post Testing

A trial of Wiki Posts. Please join in!

What is a Wiki Post?

A Wiki post is different to a normal topic/post way of working. All users of an appropriate trust level can edit a single post which grows over time as people add more information. They can have replies but I’ve disabled that for this test just to try to force use of the wiki post functionality.

What isn’t a Wiki Post?

Wiki posts don’t use ‘real’ Wiki formatting. You can use Discourse formatting but if you’re used to Wiki formatting then you can’t use it.

Known/Expected Problems

  1. Only one user can edit a Wiki post at a time. If two people edit the same post and then save it, the first person to save has their changes wiped out when the second person saves. I don’t know of a way around this. Wiki has the same problem but (IIRC) it warns you if you try to save something that’s been updated since you started editing.
  2. Rogues can ruin the experience. Unlike real Wikis a rogue can make any changes they want, including deleting all the content. I think it’s possible for an admin to roll back to a prior version but I’d need to test this. One way to resolve this would be to limit editing of wiki posts to those of Trust Level 1 (or 2) and above. This means that someone has stuck around the forum for a while and can therefore be trusted to a greater level than someone who joined yesterday.
  3. Wiki posts are limited to 32,000 characters unless I make a configuration change. having said that, 32,000 characters is quite a lot!

What could we use Wiki posts for?

I was wondering whether we could have user created/maintained FAQs for weather hardware and software. So, create a Wiki post for a variety of weather stations and weather software and then invite users of those items to add to the knowledge about the item. Maybe what stations work with which software, hints and tips about making things work, etc?

So what do I do?

Click the edit button and then try add something, e.g. a comment, below. Don’t forget to save your changes after making them. Please leave the text above untouched, although I can’t prevent anyone from changing it!

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