WiFi Webcam

I may wish to purchase a WiFi webcam for Weather Display. I know there are many hard wired cams but the young and lovely Ms. Zeke will not let me drill holes and run cable and such in the walls, Most likely for my own safety, yeah right. Anyway, what are your suggestions? Thanks!

Don’t forget that you still need to get power to a WiFi camera, so you might still end up having to drill walls, etc.

As Chris mentioned, power is the problem. There are plenty of options for camera’s, and making any wired camera into wireless is possible using a bridge, but you have to have power to run all the toys.

If you have power there consider getting a regular IP cam and use power line networking as an alternative to wifi, you can pick up units like netgear xe102’s very cheaply now.

Thanks… Looks like I have more research to do to get the camera, then up and running.

I have a WiFi camera, but how do I set up WD to use the pictures. I think I can set the auto capture to whatever time I need.



Does it have a server for static images? If so check out the FAQ http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/12282 and http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/12283