Why do my weather/sum/moon graphics look like Mars? 2nd try!

I have never been able to get the web current weather and sun/moon images to look OK, everything else on the standard page is OK. Having some time to play I decided to fix it. I’ve been using 9.24b but today I tried the latest version with the same result. OS is W98SE. Is this a setup issue?


Actually, in a strange sort of way, it’s kind of neat looking…
Don’t suppose you could change it from “My Town” to maybe “Olympus Mons Weather” lol

its the gif colour
you need more colour on your desktop preferences/setting, if you can
(i.e more than 256)

That’s it! Thanks!

It looked OK on the actual desktop so I never thought of the display settings.

some people have laptops or video cards where the colour can only go to 256…so i will add an option to use a jpeg image /file intead, which is not so limited/depenendent on the desktop colour setttings