Why do i bother

Florian (my help in Germany for the server) had to setup a mirror ftp server becuase of so may downloads of the program
which costs me more money and means een more hassle for me to try and upload to another ftp server on a slow connection
but then he discovered there has been 3000 downloads since the 25th august…from a crack site:

so these bad people have cost me the cost of another ftp server and i have lost potential new registrations becuase of a crack

i will have to create a new key, but that would mean everyone will have to re register from me…
that would mean 2000 emails…

what should i do…

My suggestion, when they click on the download, have users enter their registration code from within WD along with a username. I wouldn’t even consider using an e-mail address as too many times that changes and the upkeep would be a nightmare, taking you farther away from your main business.

Is there a way that. we as users can fight this bullshit? Like jamming their site with stuff! We must have some people of sufficient capabilities to screw them up good!


We could crash the crack site with a DOS attack ??

wow, talk about fast responses to a posting!
I emailed the iSP, and got this back
Leo, have you got WD back up and runing?
(the thing is once people have purchased, they get an automatic email to where to download a key ,…maybe…)
thanks for your support guys!

This is an automatic reply

from the Everyones Internet/Rackshack.net Network Abuse
Response Center regarding the recent report that you sent to
[email protected]. We have received your report of possible abuse of our network resources. The current number of notifications that require investigations limits the number of personal responses from the staff to senders and this might be the only response you receive regarding your notification; however, we do investigate each report.
For Spam (UCE): Please always include the full headers to any unsolicited commercial E-mail. Always leave the full message intact and never modified. Always include the subject line. For unauthorized Access Attempts If you are sending mail regarding a possible unauthorized access attempt, port scan, or attack of any sort that appears to be coming from a EV1/Rackshack IP address, please provide a portion of the logs where the problem exists.

Everyones Internet Abuse Response Center
[email protected]

maybe i have a sharware verison to download (like it is now)
and then a password protected registered version to download?

Dear Brian,
We have made our customer aware of this violation of our AUP/TOS. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will let you know when it has been removed.

looks like they are onto it

I can understand yout anger over someone writing a keygen for wd.
But, if someone has taken the time to do that, you should feel semi-flattered that you are getting well known enough for someone to take the time to crack your program cry ?

A password protected registered version may be an answer. I’m sure some assholes will spread it around, but your losses from potential sales would most likely be less.

actualy, that key gen has been around for a year now
and these ham warez crack sites keep showing up
as you guys have said before, if they are realy like the program, thwy will purchase it
the annoying thing is these things are now on google, and all the extra traffic from these crack sites meant we we were nearly blowing the download capacity on the server (75GB), and that would cost lots of money,…so the mirror ftp server florian had to setup (to spread the downloads)

that is why i have not done a newsletter email send out now for about 3 months now…it would simply blow the server!

the latest version, the web cam image file size settings actualy work now!

What a pain in the ass. It’s still up as of a few minutes ago. Unfortunately I think you have to change the key system because once the crack is out there it’ll live on forever :frowning:


I use a serial number (emailed to customer), a computer generated random number, the user’s name, and the date to generate a 16 character activation code. And the program terminates if they put in the wrong code (okay, that’s a bit annoying but stops them from running a million different codes through it.



Yes to be famous always has his dark sides…but

What are people doing with there old version when downloaded the new one ?
I keep it in store to prevent me for some surprises when a bug is in it… :?

Let people once install there version before 9.89d or what it was before 25 of august and log in with it (view / visit the wd website) on your site You then must have a translation on your server that regognize the programversion and with that you have to generate a new key

After that you can install the latest version again from your disk with that old version as a reference
If there is no previous version it has to be checked manual but how many people could that be?
A real WD user always keeps previous versions in store… I did so because I collect them LOL !

Maybe with all sugestions above not only a brainwave Brian

me and florian are still thinking about it…
the visits from the crack site:
well, they are probably just curious , and not real interested in the weather/program, etc…

it was just the etra traffic load that was a worry mostly…

i dont think people will like having to re register, and i dont want/need the hassle…so maybe we just leave as is…

Could be. I don’t thing the average 13 year old “warez” kiddy would have a weather station.


Ed’s comment about updating from within the program is one I think you should seriously consider. This way you get to control what is being updated as well as get some meaningful stats on just what is or isn’t being updated.

You are shortly going to run out of V9 sub versions (unless you keep going to 9.101, 9.102 etc ) - so why not seriously think about this being a part of V10.

If done properly, it could also stop the large up and downloads you have been concerned about for yourself as well…




Racetime has a good idea, wherever it fits into your schedule. One thing we do is to actually use an updater as a shortcut, rather than the program itself. It takes out having to handle the program running situation, but the downside for this app is it only happens when you first start the program and I bet most of us don’t do that very often. Though I guess you could shell out to the routine at some point daily and then do the same thing.


I was actually thinking along the line of COmputer Associates AV program - it has a setting that I set telling it how often to check for AV data file updates BUT I can also override that and force a check and, if available, a download.

I realise this would be an entirely new section of code for Brian - but it could help overcome his current problem.