Why am I getting a dailywebcam.gif file created?

I noticed I am getting a dailywebcam.gif and dailywebcam2.gif files created but I don’t have a webcam set up yet. I checked File #39 setup and it shows the file isn’t created or uploaded and I even turned it OFF (red). I can’t see if that section is turned off why the two files are still being generated? Is this a bug?

Check under Control Panel - FTP - Web cam and make sure that is turned off. Also check under View - Web cam images from day and make sure nothing is ticked there…


I found one setting I turned off on the View - Web Cam Image screen and I am hoping that does it.

I also found that I can’t seem to turn off the 5dayforecast icons. I am only using the text version and want to turn off the icons being generated. I have turned off everything under file #20 but they are still being generated too. I had turned everthing on to see what everything was, and now I am turning off everything I am not using and it seems the webcam page and the forecast icons won’t turn off?


Not sure but if you click on your WD weather icon, next to Rainfall and then you will see your forecast image under Upload to web site is an icon upload Option…


Thanks…I see the option there to upload it…it was set to off…

I went back through all of the settings I could find and the system continues to generate both the webcam and forecast images…just a nuisance at this point… Don’t know why what I did didn’t turn them off…even if there is more than one place to turn something on, if you go to one of the places and turn it off, it ought to turn it off in all places. I was able to turn off many, many graphics from being generated…went through the list and turned off most everything I wasn’t using yet but those two types are being persistant.



Try shutting down WD, then restarting see if that helps.

I am pretty sure I tried that, but will try it again. The trend data is still messed up and I have a bug report open on that. I still can’t figure out how to turn on the daily graph. The ones that have the day’s date for the file name. It created them, then stopped, then a couple more, and stopped but I can’t figure out where to turn them back on?

I just recycled WD and sure enough, the webcam and forecast graphics were generated again.

I sure wish I knew how to turn them off or how to go right into the INI file and change the values…didn’t think this would be so hard?


re the trend graph, did you go action, convert wd logfiles to graphs, and then click on recreate last 31 days data file
(after first converting last months corrected logfile (72007lg.txt) to data file)
if you do all that correctly and you have corrected the logfile of the bad data and then converted it to the data file and then recreate the last 31 days data file then your data will come correct
(i.e its not an actual bug, and should not be on the bug tracker, would be better here on the Questions section)

also, re the daily web cam images, when you view the webcam images from during the day, are the setings all off on that screen?
also, .zip and email me your settings files and I will check on your settings

My trend graph problem does belong as a bug report since it is a bug. It isn’t bad data, it is a bug in the program. If you will notice, someone else noted the same problem I reported. We aren’t talking just about the bad data, we are talking about how the days don’t even come out right. The last I checked nothing had been done on the bug report? I assume it is still open? Just like last month, the days are all goofed up…they read:

August 29, 30, and 31st…then there are two extra days labeled the 26th and 27th, then the September data, numbered 1, 2, 3, 6. Same sort of problem as last month and I haven’t tampered with the data in the month…this is all “real” untampered data. As I said, it isn’t a data problem, it is a day numbering problem. This is as reported in the windtempraintrend92007.gif file. The windtempraintrend3d.gif file shows the days in the same goofed up fashion. So that is two different type of trend chart both showing erroneous data due to the days being goofed. you can see both files on the farmingtonweather.com site. In both charts the “extra” days have no data, which is appropriate, but it looks funny showing data for every day but the two extra days where the data is zero, then the data jumps back up to the proper amount following by the two missing days. Weird how it inserts two erroneous days and then leaves out two days??

Yes, everything is off on that screen. I still get the blank images being generated continuously… I will look for the procedure to send you my settings.

Thanks again,

Yes, they are all off on that screen.

if you would like to work on the problem with me, let me know
(and then .zip and email me your datafiles, month82007.inf and month92007.inf and how the data should be lining up)
note I have fixed some things with the recreate the last 31 days data file and the view, wind temp rain trend in the latest .zip update , so try that first (and recreate the last 31 days data file (note, takes longer to complete now)

I am highly doubtful that the problem is in the data, it must be how the program is extrapolating the data. I can’t picture how the graphs could have an identical problem two months in a row and for the same thing to be happening with others if in fact the data is fine. There is nothing that could of or should have added erroneous" days and then left other days out. The error doesn’t occur in the other graphs, just in the trend graph. If it was a corrupted data problem, it would happen in all files relying on the same data in the same daily sequence, don’t you agree?

What do you mean by “how the data should be lining up”? The data should be lining up in calendar sequence??? Did you look at the graph? it is obvious to see the graph is wrong and how it is wrong…since the extra days have no data, it is very conspicuous what is wrong…as I explained already, the days are numbered wrong:


The 26th and 27th have NO data so they are a “hole” in the graph and then of course missing the 4th and 5th which doesn’t make the graph look funny other than missing two days.

I just checked the current version of the file…the error shifted…the current graph reads like this:

29,30,31,25,26, 1,2,3,4,7…

So now the two “extra” days are the 25 and 26th, and instead of the 4th and 5th missing, the 4th is now there, but the 5th and 6th are now missing. The extra days shifted back a day and the missing days shifted forward a day.

This is pretty clearly a logic issue, not a data issue.



I also noticed that the daily rain total for September rainfall is missing on the trend graph…it shows none for Sept. although the other graphs show the .24" of rain two days.

OK… I upgraded to the latest version. The dates are correct now so something that you did fixed that. There is still no rain data in the bottom graph for Sept, just Aug. The weekgra.gif file shows the rain on the 6th and 7th, the trend chart doesn’t?


make sure the rain totals for the months of concern are correct under view, rain in detail (you can edit them there)
also, this ,zip update stops the dailywebcam.gif being created if you have file #34 with times set in the customise internet and file creation setup but you dont have set any settings when you go to view, daily web cam images

The rain totals are correct in every reference to them (rain to date and in all other graphs) but are missing on the trend GIF. I believe this is the screen you were referring to:


And you can see the rain here:


But you can’t see it here:


thanks for fixing the web cam gif nuisance!


which rain cant you see in the wind temp rain trend?
(sorry, you will have to be more specific)

Since I didn’t get back to the forum soon enough that week is past so I am unable to point it out to you. I provided the links so you would be able to see for yourself. I thought it was obvious…on to bigger problems per my post a few minutes ago.

Thanks anyway,



Will try to be clearer…

When I wrote the message part of my data was on the WEEKLY graph. The graph I referenced has since been updated and no longer contains the data I suggested you look at. At the point I wrote the message all of the data was there for you to view but the data is no longer available. If at the time I wrote you message it would have been obvious what I was talking about so I am not sure why you asked which data when I thought it was obvious in the charts I provided the links to.

It is a moot point now…thanks anyway.