Who's Online Map

Found this who’s online revolving map or globe.
I havent played with it to much but do have it on www.windgust.com/live1

It seems simple to setup.
The URL for the site which includes a large globe and a Mini globe and maps is

Let me know what you think


Looks quite interesting, I am trialing it here http://www.weybourneweather.co.uk/wxmap.php.


That page did return this.

Fatal error: error traversing database - perhaps it is corrupt? in /home/.sites/150/site462/web/include-whos-online-geoip.php on line 454

Strange, its working for me

With that link I get the same error as Lars.

  • Jim

Ok not sure whats happening, It’s showing on my PC but only showing my visits, just tried on my phone and getting the error as above. I will try copying the code again and see what happens.

Well I have tried different versions of the globe and still getting the same problem. I have now e mailed them with the error so I await their reply.

I just copied the code to my site in the footer. It works ok for me, if someone else could check it and see if it works and let us know…

Now it’s working.

If you hit my site I am not seeing your visit on the map or the hit counter…

Could someone take a look at my page again, see if anythings changed, I have also added the mini version to the footer.



It still looks the same as before.

How annoying. Its working fine for me both on the wxmap page and in the footer, both are showing your visit Axelvold. :?

I also get the error:

Fatal error: error traversing database - perhaps it is corrupt? in /home/.sites/150/site462/web/include-whos-online-geoip.php on line 454


What i did mean was that it’s working just fine.

There is another problem, your flyout menu is ending up under the globe, see the attached picture.

Yeah I had noticed the menu issue, I’ll sort that out tomorrow by re positioning the globe, once its all working properly, this is just a trial at the moment so not too worried.