Who's on top?

The standard webpage seems to be playing this game at the midnight reset. So far dirplot is winning but the 24 hr graph has been on top too. When this happens, the summary takes there place further down the page. Using 9.34.

sounds like a missing file in the upload, and the squence of files uploaded gets upset, i.e local and remote filenames gets out of whack
check the ftp log files for what is the mising file

It appears that this jumbled order thing has something to do with the new monthly altimerecords gif. When the order is jumbled, the new gif is there, when the order is correct, the gif is not there. They’re still fighting to see who’s going to be on top, but all are always there.

are you using the advanced file setup?
then do you have create time setup for the alltimerecods.gif?

i have for the next vers put a check in to make sure it has been created first

Not using advanced file stepup, just standard page, nothing extra. As soon as I said that the month altimerecord gif showed up and the page was in the correct order. Then on a latter upload, the correct order stayed, but the monthly altimerecord gif has disappeared again.

Not sure both problems are related but I’d almost bet money. Funny tho, the first dialup in the morning, the page order is jumbled but on the next one, it straightens out until the next morning. Strange. My first am upload is 6am but I upload ext/averages at 1;30AM independently cause that is the only way the altimerecord gif will go.

normaly the allimerecord.gif file is only updated once a day, at the averages/extreme update time (this is fixed at 00:02 or 9:02, the actual time to upload the files you can change)
the latest vers checks that the files exist before allocating them to the upload list

I know. Since Sept I have not been able to get the altimerecords file to upload with the aver/extremes IF there was a regular upload at the same time, so I had to go to an independent upload for aver/extremes so I could get the altimerecords gif to update.

The month altimererecords gif is on the server but won’t show itself but once or twice per day and usually when the page is jumbled. (coniferwx.com)

I’m at southparkwx for a four days and will set the aver/extremes to update independently here, too. Right now the page is showing Sept altimerecords gif! Just got here.


This is getting stranger by the hour. After observing for a couple days, here’s what is happening.

Coniferwx is dialing up from 0600-2300 daily and does the averg/extreme dialup at 0130. Ok, the dial up at 0700 is scrambled, that is the order everything appears on the page is scrambled with the summary half way down, replaced by the dirplot gif. But everything is there. The month altimerecords may or may not appear. Yesterday it did, but today no. It’ll show up later in the day more than likely, so it is up there. The 0800 dial up puts the correct order back in place and I don’t know what is happening at 0600 yet. The rest of the day is normal.

I guess this is a “bug” but I wouldn’t put a high priority on it. What strikes me as strange too is no one else is reporting it. The only other thing is that this started when I activated the memory refresh for the first time?? 9.34 BTW, with a very plain jane (sorry, Jane) setup, no http download, email reports, client server stuff, webcam. wav, etc., just the weather folks.


the out of order will happen (and i need to stop) if a fil can not be found to upload…
is this with the latest version?

check the ftplog.txt file for a file not found message (and what file may or may not be listed)

It’s the moonicon.gif. It loads on the first two dialups after midnight, does not show on the page and upsets the display order. On the third upload after midnight, it does not upload and the display is back to normal, including the moonicon.gif. Middle of the night uploads would explain why no one else has seen it yet too.
FTPUPD.EXE finished at 7:03:12 AM 12/1/02
Time taken = 2.83 minutes

so, does the file exist, moonicon.gif, on your hard drive, in the webfiles folder, when it goes to upload?
seems not!

My moondetail1.gif file is doing the same thing. It is there locally and choose to upload, but on the webpage it is an “X” picture box which means in the HTML code it was told to place it on the page but the file wasn’t there.

Also Brian, I have noticed that WD does a strange thing when I look at its directory structure. I am dual-booting my PC with 98 and XP. The XP is what runs WD, it is a single drive partitioned as C: and F: F is the boot drive for XP but WD seems to like to put its webfiles directory on C: even though I tell it to install wdisplay to f:

Could this be since I exported a regfile off my old PC, which WAS C: and imported it to this one, I need to edit the regfile and any other drive specific entries in WD to tell it F:?

I may wait until the end of the year and just format my HD, do away with 98 and install WD fresh on Jan 1st.



try reselcting the web files directory location, under setup, ftp setup, web files…

No, it’s there.

I upgraded to 9.35 and watched it upload this morning. There was one difference in the first upload after midnight. 9.34 was not uploading the sunmoonimage.gif and now 9.35 is uploading the jpg. Perhaps with 9.34 WD was looking for it, it wasn’t there and the order jumbled?? 9.35 appears to have fixed it. Make sense?