Who can help me with my website?

Hi Folks, i’m new here and just getting started, i know nothing about website, so i’ll need some help to make one,
i want a good history with graphs, and need a super nice ipod, ipad and android support to keep watch of live weather,
how will i get started? i don’t have any activation or any email from my hosting site, but i just bought the $20 a year service,
please help me, thanks,

Lots of missing info…

What type of station are you using?
Are you already using WD to collect its data?
Where are you hosting your pages
What do you already know how to do?

Posted via mobile…

i have a Rainwise WS-2000 recording data on wunderground, using weather display, latest version, ID station is KSDELKTO2
i just got my account activated from e-rice.net ready to get started,
i know 0 about websites, :frowning:

In the topic section: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/c/74 there are a number of free PHP based templates you can use to setup a website.

You can get one of the more popular templates directly from Saratoga via: http://saratoga-weather.org/template/index.php

These are complete with instructions on how to setup and configure them that most users should be able to follow. Lots of details are on that page.

Many people use e-rice and once you get started, if you run into problems, many will assist if you post questions.

If you are looking for someone to do it for you, there are some here that do that. Normally, it is assumed you will at least try to get started on you own so that you can learn the process.

Most of the users here with websites started out like you are now. The templates make it much easier to get going than trying to build a site from scratch.

Hello spatterfree…

I sent you an email about helping setup and creating you site. just reply back to that email and will be glad to help you out.