which aftermarket retractable pole will fit a davis vantage pro2

Being new to all this im trying to think ahead, hopefully my vantage pro2 wireless will arrive later in the week but I dont want to have it sit around before I get it mounted so my question is does anyone have any experience with any aftermarket retractable poles that are strong that will fit the vp2? Ive seen one particular one that looks like it might work, its for a birdhouse but being that I have not yet seen the vp2 Im not sure if it will mount correctly to it being that this pole im talking about it tubular in nature and not round and if im looking for a round pole what should the dimension of that pole be? I would at least like to have the pole on order before the station arrives, no use haveing $400.00 worth of equipment just sitting here, any help would be appreciated, the height im looking for is from 6’ on up to about 15’ fully extended but I will entertain ideas on longer poles. I plan on mounting to on the outerpost on my fence in my backyard heres a pic


Will a fibreglass pole be too flexible?

I would think you would be better with a galvanised steel or aluminium pole which you could undo and lower down to the ground.

If you are worried about lightning strikes, bond it and put an earth spike in the ground.

The only instrument you need to mount on the pole is the anemometer, the ISS can be mounted to the fence. You want the rain bucket and the temp/humidity sensors close to the ground (4 - 6 feet is a good estimate) for accurate readings. I made the suggestion for the pole so you could maybe get the anenometer near the roof line of your condo and hopefully get less distorted readings.

I don’t think you will have a problem mounting to the pole. The u-bolts supplied with the station should work on tube/pipe up to about 2" dia. IIRC.

IWW, there are some new poles available online that are fiberglass that claim to be extremely strong and retractable problem is I didnt save the websites and now that im looking more seriously into a pole I cannot find these sites, ill just keep looking and maybe I will stumble on them again, Dan youre correct as usual the only piece I need to mount higher is the anenometer