Where's solar data while importing Weatherlink .wlk files into WD?

I’m trying to migrate all weather data from Weatherlink into a new WD installation. I’ve finished importing, but I can’t find the solar data for all these years.

WD creates a special file for solar data (mmyyyyvantagelog.txt), but after the import I get only the mmyyyylg.txt file (month’s log files)!
I’ve also converted all logfiles to datafiles.

Is there a separate process to get solar data from .wlk files?

Another issue observed, is that the rain values imported are half than the real ones! For example, if the rain total for a day is 30 mm, the value imported is 15 mm! That is valid for all data imported (7+ years) #-o

Is something wrong here, or am I doing something wrong? :?


which version/build of WD?
(that info should always be provided)

A fresh installation of the very latest WD version 10.37Rb70!

The other parameters (at least most of them) seem to have been imported without any noticeable errors… :?

I could send a Weatherlink .wlk file together with the corresponding log file created after importing to WD.


did you have WD setup that it has solar?
(i.e that is set in the weather station type setup, davis type setup)
and the switch was on in the control panel, solar setup

Yes, everything is setup correctly!

The solar switch is on (Control Panel-> Solar Sensor → Main Switch ON).

and (Station Type & Settings → Davis Vantage Pro/Plus → “I have Solar + UV”) boxes ticked.

After the import was finished (some days ago), I connected the Davis weather station and all data (Solar + UV as well) is being recorded fine so far!

What about the wrong (half) rain values(mm) imported from the .wlk files?


Any progress Brian?

Edit: Probably Brian is very busy… Have anyone else ever had any importing problems from Davis .wlk files?


Yes, I got the same problem. Running the latest WD (1.37Rb70). Having selected VP2, with solar and UV. Import weatherlink-data runs fine, but only the yyyymmlg.txt logfile is created. Also, I do have an extra temperature sensor. This logfile is also not created.

Running weatherlink 6.03.

What about the imported rain values (mm)?

The imported values(mm) that I get in the logfiles, are only the half than the real ones! Can you check it please?

There are no special settings in WD for the importing of .wlk files. Just a check box to declare that it’s monthly .wlk files.