Where is ...get-links.php ?


im trying to install WXGLOBAL but…looks like some files are missing… :roll:

Ysing carterlake,package is installed here http://meteolacstjean.com/carter/wxglobal.php

I remember seeing that needed page for another thing but…

thanks for helping :wink:

The get-links.php script was part of the older global map set of scripts. It was renamed to global-links.php (works the same) in
http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-mesomap.php#googlemap … you can get the complete set of needed scripts there

Hi…thats the one ive installed but as i said,markers arent showing up… http://meteolacstjean.com/carter/wxglobal.php

is there a place to edit ?


No, the problem is caused by a different issue – your webserver’s IP address has been blocked from accessing the northamericanweather.net server

Your server at is part of a .htaccess deny for OVH Hosting due to a large number of malware/exploit scanning attempts from OVH Hosting sites.

I’ll have to do some further looking at how to allow you (and still prevent the miscreants) from access to the NAWN server.

Ok… I’ve removed the deny for your server… looks like the map is working again … sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi an thanks :smiley:

Works now :slight_smile: I think you have a typo in the title “Sataions Meteo Regionales Affiliees”