Where did WD go?

Forgive any Windows ignorance I show here, but I can’t see that WD is running. I got up this morning and didn’t see it running down in my Taskbar, like it usually shows. I thought maybe it quit overnight for some reason. I fired WD back up but had to abort as it failed to extract anything. Out of curiosity, I opened the 032009lg.txt logfile to see exactly when WD quit. I scrolled to the bottom and saw that it had been logging just a minute before I opened the logfile. I closed it and reopened it and saw that WD appeared to be running as it was logging data. I hit cntrl-Alt-Delete and saw WD running as a Process (but not Application?). Not sure, if WD is indeed running, how to bring up its window. I suppose I can restart the PC and restart WD that way. What gives?

It looks like WD failed for some reason but not all of it got cleaned up. Take a look at the programerrorlog.txt file and see if there are any errors noted there, note that there are some messages in this file which are normal as well. I’d then re-boot the PC to clean it all up and see what happens.


Not sure where this file is you’re speaking of, but I just rebooted my PC and started up WD. All the data is there is my logfile as if WD was running right up until rebooting. Strange. I click in my Program Event Log (under View) and there is no listing there for any errors.

One thing I just realized is that I have “Yes” selected under “Launch when Windows starts” under Setup, but WD didn’t startup on its own when I rebooted. I clicked to “No” and then back to “Yes” which solved it. Not sure if this is somehow related (highly unlikely).