Where did the extra line (third line ) go on the scrolling

Where did the third line on the scrolling marque go ?? It’s probably been gone for a while but I just noticed it since I lost all my 1-wire sensors in a thunderstorm last night and wanted to put a note on the Web page. :cry:



the 3rd line is reserved for the vp forecast string…or for what you have entered under input daily weather…weather report/warning…if you tick that to scroll…

Sorry Brian

I knew that’s where it should be and didn’t “see the trees for the forrest”.
I guess it evaporated on and update. Thanks for the info. :oops:

I have a new 9097U-009 on order from Maxim. Looks like it got zapped by a VERY close lightning strike.

Keep up the GREAT work. :smiley: :slight_smile: