Where Did All My Rain Go?

My rain quantities are not showing. I believe that all the data is still there because it is showing up in the WDL graphs. Where should I look for the issue? See attached picture.

No ideas? I am thinking that it is something with the page being processed before it is uploaded. What database does this script use for these figures?

IIRC, you need to have the avg/ext set to update…see attached…


It had been working for over a year with out that checked :? I checked it anyway and tried the “Upload All New” option. The FTP started but then locked up. I tried a few timed with the same result. Thinking that maybe something in WD or the FTP got corrupted somehow, I uninstalled WD and all it’s components and reinstalled. Tried the “Upload All New” again and it locked up again. See attachment.

try instead
update av/ext now

I tried that and the FTP worked, but the rain totals are still not updated on the website.

Yesterday I had to do a hard shutdown to the computer. I have a switch for the mouse, keyboard & monitor that two computers share. It got out of sync so I had to shut the computer down with everything running. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this?

I checked the http://www.cavecountryweather.com/June2009.htm that was uploaded. It is showing zero rainfall also. On day 21 it has rain in both the Month and Year lines, but at the bottom of the page it is showing none for the month or year even though there are daily totals.

Do I have to restore any backed up data? If so, how do I? My log file 2009lg has the data in it.

You may know that I installed the new Vantage PRO2 yesterday. This is when I noticed the issue. Is there setting that I need to change? Obviously the VP2 does not have any rain data.

We had .5" of rain last night. This is what is now showing in my WDL for monthly and yearly totals. Is this information coming from the new ststion instead of WDs data logs? Is there a step in installing the VP2 in WD that I missed?

I think this is either a set up issue or a WD issue. Could you move the thread to a more appropriate area? Maybe someone can help me there.

WD stores its own rain totals separate from the console
set the needed starting totals or reset/set them for day/month/year under control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup

I guess where I am confused is WD has this data already. Look at this page http://www.cavecountryweather.com/June2009.htm
On day 21 all the correct rain data is shown for the Month & Year. Now scroll down a little to the “Averages\Extremes for the month of June 2009” and the rainfall for the Month & Year are in error.

If I preset the rain for the year already, I am afraid that it will double the amount? #-o

just set the needed totals correctly as my post above

That did the trick! I should have known better than to doubt you. :oops: :wink: Thanks.